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Sanitary Sewer & Storm Drain Cleaning • CCTV Inspections • Trenchless Pipe Patch Repair

Utility Optics, Inc. is a family owned company dedicated to finding solutions to the most difficult sewer and drainage problems in North Carolina, South Carolina and neighboring states.

We work step by step with contractors, real estate developers and municipalities.


Learn about our company and the team behind it.

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We use state-of-the-art technology to deliver results
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From our State-of-the-Art Vactor combination jet and vacuum trucks to our IBAK high technology camera system, Utlity Optics, Inc. is prepared to handle your next project. We have CCTV inspected and cleaned over 7.2 million linear feet since 2006, and we currently have over 100 different customers. We offer a PCP Win Can 8 computer generated report that can be emailed as an AVI file or provided on DVDs, flash drives or PDF files. 

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Serving North Carolina, South Carolina, and Neighboring States SINCE 2006.

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