Sewer and storm drain drain cleaning, wilmington, nc

Our equipment includes the following:

Two state of the art Vactor combination jet and vacuum trucks Jet and Vacuum Services

An IBAK high technology camera system is mounted inside an air-conditioned trailer for easy access to any and all construction sites, as well as, subdivisions and municipal job sites.

The crawler camera has an assortment of wheels to navigate through various sizes of pipe and a scissors lift attachment to raise the camera as high as 24”. This modern camera system, equipped with an adjustable iris, will pan and tilt and includes auxiliary lighting for clearer pipe inspection.


CCTV Inspection WinCan software


A Rigid Push Camera with a color screen for accurate video recording

push camera

Our customers have a choice of DVD or VHS recordings


Equipment is located in the Wilmington, North Carolina area


Serving North Carolina, South Carolina, and Neighboring States

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